• Policies

  • Payment

    1. Tuition rates for lessons are based on 30 lessons per year.
    2. Annual Family Registration Fee: $20.00
    3. $10.00 fee added to all registrations occurring after the start of lessons.
    4. Lessons will not start without receipt of first payment.
    5. Late payments will incur the following charges: Late: $20.00; 30 days: $30.00; 60 days, $50.00
    6. The Prodigy Program reserves the right to terminate lessons for any student with a balance longer than 60 days.
    7. "Charge back" and bank fees incurred by canceled credit card transactions or returned checks will be added to the account balance.


    Payment Options

    Payments to the Prodigy Program may be made by credit card, direct bank fund transfer, check or cash.

    1. Payments received by check will be processed by traditional check deposit methods. The Prodigy Program does not deposit checks electronically. Checks are deposited on the Friday of the week of its receipt.
    2. The following credit cards are accepted by the Prodigy Program: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa


    Payment Plans

    The Prodigy Program provides two payment plans to help families budget tuition payments over the school year:

    1. Normal Payment Schedule
      • Semi-Private Lessons: 100% before the first lesson
      • Private Lessons: 50% before the first lesson; balance due February 1 of the spring semester
    1. Monthly Payment Schedule
      • A $25.00 annual service fee will be added to your balance before payments amounts are calculated.
      • Applications Monthly Payment Plan may be downloaded from the "Downloads" page on the Prodigy Program web site or, contact the Prodigy Program Coordinator.
      • Families on the Monthly Payment Schedule must fill out a Request for Monthly Payment Plan and submit valid credit card or bank account information and agree to authorize the Prodigy Program to make automatic payments.
      • Monthly Payment Schedule (9 payments, September-May). First payment due before lessons begin in September and on the first day of the following eight months.  


    Tuition Assistance

    1. The Prodigy Program ensures every child receives a musical education by providing tuition assistance to qualified families in need.
    2. Applications for tuition assistance may be downloaded from the "Downloads" page on the Prodigy Program web site or, contact the Prodigy Program Coordinator.
    3. Any level of assistance will be based upon student registrations in either 30-minute semiprivate or 30-minute private lessons. Families with children taking 45-minute or 60-minute lessons are eligible for tuition assistance however, the portion of tuition beyond a 30-minute lesson will be assumed by the family.
    4. Families receiving tuition assistance will be automatically placed on a monthly payment schedule (9 payments, September - May).
    5. Families receiving tuition assistance must provide credit card or bank account information and agree to authorize the Prodigy Program to make automatic payments.
    6. Tuition assistance will never cover 100% of tuition
    7. Tuition assistance is not guaranteed in successive years. Families must reapply each year.
    8. Student recipients of tuition assistance must participate in their respective school's instrumental or vocal ensemble (band, orchestra or chorus)


    Early Withdrawal / Refunds

    1. 100% refunded before the first lesson.
    2. 80% of the unused tuition refunded before the fifth lesson.
    3. 60% of unused tuition refunded after fifth lesson.
    4. No refunds for withdrawal from semiprivate lessons after the first lesson (see "Semiprivate Lessons" below).
    5. No refunds for early withdrawal from class lessons including Piano Lab, Year-2 and Vocal Techniques classes after the first class meeting.
    6. The Annual Family Registration Fee is not refundable
    7. In the event a student from a family receiving tuition assistance withdraws during a school year, all tuition assistance will be withdrawn and the family will be charged the full amount for all lessons taken until the time of withdrawal. in addition, the family will be charged an amount equal to any applicable balances based upon policies #2 and 3 above.
    8. In the event a student from a family on a monthly payment plan withdraws during a school year, the family will be charged an amount equal to any applicable balances based upon policies #2 and 3 above.


    Attendance / Make-Up Policies

    1. Private Lessons: Two excused absences due to illness per year will be made up. Absences caused by the following reasons are not excused:
      • Medical and other appointments
      • After-school activities
      • Shopping
      • Family vacations taken outside of school breaks or school holidays 
    2. Semi-Private Lessons: Because semi-private lessons involve other students, lessons are not made up when a students is absent.
    3. Classes: Because classes involve other students, lessons are not made up when a student is absent.
    4. A teacher's absence from a lesson or class will be made up by the end of the school year.
    5. All lessons missed because of school closings for religious holidays or inclement weather will be made up.
    6. Tuition credits or refunds will be provided for long-term illness or injury.
    7. Students/parents must notify their respective teacher of any absence in advance of the scheduled lesson.
    8. Teachers must be contacted directly (not through the Prodigy Program Coordinator).
    9. When a known schedule conflict rises, parents/students should inform the teacher at least 24 hours in advance to plan alternative scheduling.
    10. Failure to provide prior notice will result in forfeiture of the lesson.



    Your Email address is critical to the successful operation of the Prodigy Program's online registration service. You need it to access your account and the Prodigy Program needs it to maintain communication with you. Should your Email address change over the school year, please inform the Prodigy Program Coordinator. If you left your email address as your online account logon ID, your ID will be updated to your new email address.


    Teacher Assignments

    1. After the first-year in a beginning class, students are assigned to teachers for private or semiprivate lessons.
    2. Returning students are automatically assigned to their previous teacher.
    3. Once assigned, teachers will contact parents to establish a lesson schedule. All teachers are not on site every day of the week. Teachers will fill their schedule based upon the available times provided by parents the days and times they teach in the Prodigy Program.
    4. Parents may request a change of teacher by contacting the Prodigy Program Coordinator.


    Semiprivate Lessons

    Semiprivate lessons are provided as a low-cost alternative to private lessons. The following policies are established to ensure pairing of students with similar skills and needs to facilitate learning compatibility.

    1. Registration into semiprivate lessons occurs during the spring registration period ONLY and is not accepted after the start of lessons.
    2. Semiprivate lessons are limited to two years after the initial beginning class.
    3. Semiprivate lessons are not available for voice, piano or percussion.
    4. Students entering grade 7 or higher are not eligible for semiprivate lessons
    5. Students are not guaranteed a compatible lesson partner. When partners are found to be incompatible, private lessons will be recommended.
    6. In the event that an uneven number of students register for a particular instrument, students will be scheduled in the order of the date of the earliest registration. The remaining student will be enrolled in private lessons.
    7. The scheduling of semiprivate lessons involves the coordination of two families and teacher availability. In the event that a student cannot be scheduled, the student will be enrolled in private lessons.
    8. No refunds will be issued to students who withdraw after the first lesson.


    Change of Registration Status

    Requests to change lesson format or teacher assignment will be accepted through the first five lessons only. Requests should be made by contacting the Prodigy Program Coordinator.


    Release of Image

    Registration into the program authorizes the Prodigy Program to take and use pictures or videos of your child during lessons, recitals or other activities. The use of this media is solely for brochures, newsletters or the Prodigy Program web site. Names or pictures will not be used without prior parental consent. Parents may request pictures and videos not be taken or used by contacting the Prodigy Program Coordinator in writing.